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   NEWS: Zentric v2.0, in Development NOW, is nearly ready for Release

See Below for just some of the Great New Features coming in Zentric v2.0

UPDATE: Zentric v2.0 should be ready for Release in 1st-Quarter 2015

Please Note: You WILL be able to import data from Zentric 1.0 & 1.6 into Zentric 2.0

Zentric has literally been redesigned from the ground up. Below are some of the New Features:

Adding a layer of security above the Application so that other users on your Computer can't access your
          Passwords and Logins unless they know your secret word or code.

Adding more Categories to give you more options for Customization and Organization

Enlarging the Section where your Entries are Listed

Allowing you to Select # or A-Z to Refine your Search

Adding Easy Buttons that will Allow you to Copy your Login or Password to the Clipboard
          (So that you can right-click -> Paste or Press CTRL-V to enter the information without having to Type it)

Adding a Pop-Out Enlarged "Description or Notes" Window that will allow you to See and Store more
          Information that is much Easier to Read/Write.

And More! Coming Soon..

COMING VERY SOON! Zentric v2.0!


   Zentric v1.0

Secure EVERY single Login and Password for your Websites, Forums, Online Games, etc!

This single piece of software will save you from keeping separate notes or trying to memorize them all.
I personally have over 200 entries in my Zentric. I would be lost without it. Think about what this does for you:

Allows you to be much safer online.
Allows you to use a different password for everything, as this will remember for you!
Saves you from getting locked out of your own accounts due to too many attempts to login.
Saves you from having to use the "Forgot Password" links ever again.

Here's a Screenshot of Zentric v1:

This is just a simple, yet very powerful, piece of software that I wrote to keep my own sanity and I offer it to you freely.
There *IS* a "Donate" button, but other than that it's a full-featured piece of software that costs you nothing!

Click on the Image below to Download:


   Serial Vault AS

Powerful Application to keep track of all your various Serial Numbers, Keys, Etc.

The Ultimate Answer for organizing several Long-Digit Numbers or Names that you Rarely NEED but when you DO need them, you need them NOW!

Serial Vault is the perfect Solution for:

Serial Numbers for:
          - PC or Console Games
          - Applicances
          - Electronics
          - And More!
VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. Very handy to have when you need it!
Plus ANYTHING you can think of that you need to keep SAFE and can't LOSE.

Here's a Screenshot of Serial Vault:

Click on the Image below to Download:


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